The thinking behind SolutioNXT

There is a value gap in the current paradigm of product( enterprise software) or service procurement and ‘cloud’ may help create a new value position.

Why ?

value gap

On one axis , enterprise software products are tools – they provide an infrastructure – but leave the responsibility of value to the enterprise. Creating value is time consuming and expensive.

On the other axis, services led engagements have frameworks, essentially use it from a selling perspective and revert to a staffing led model.

The value leverage, as we know it, is still largely enterprise owned. Can cloud change that? We believe so, but it is a journey. As enterprises adopt ‘cloud’ as a procurement philosophy , we reckon they will also look to fresh approaches. Cloud architecture (across infrastructure, platform & applications) has potential to deliver value in multiple ways .

SolutioNXT is a forum aimed at exploring the contours of closing this value gap.

value gap 2

The value proposition?

value proposition

Why SolutioNXT?

The founding spirit was inspired by the mathematical construct ‘solution x(t)’ – an equation that provides a unique solution (baseline) at initial value of time t(0) and approaches a perfect solution as time ‘t’ progresses. We wanted to focus on iteratively optimized solution(s) that deliver on-going operating efficiency.


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