IT Org design for hybrid architectures

In January 2012, I was in discussion with a sr. IT leader  and a friend. We had worked closely for over 2 years at VMware. I had just begun to explore value propositions from hybrid cloud architecture and he was beginning to take up assignment at a new-age automotive manufacturer, helping them transition their technology operations into a mature organization. We discussed the challenges he might face and after the meeting, I put together a small note, articulating my views on a ‘to-be’ IT org and a phase-wise approach to reach there. I pivoted this ‘to-be’ state view around the skills needed for a hybrid cloud IT and leveraged 3 over-arching philosophies ( that can be generically applied to any operations transformation context).

  1. Establish service orientation as a priority
  2. Identify multi-dimensional talent for future growth
  3. Take a multi-year, multi- phase view for organization transformation.

The below self explanatory slides / images illustrate the thoughts that I put together 2 years back

Image 1: Structuring options

structure options

Image 2: Phase-wise transition

transition timelines

Image 3: End State structure



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