NXTest – Assuring cloud2cloud transactions

Why did we think of NXTest?

With more & more business processes being managed by discrete cloud platforms, we anticipate cross-cloud seamless transactions to become the order of the day. SaaS apps are also more amenable to rapid configurable enhancements. The resultant business efforts create a hidden cost for QA. We also took a stand that in hybrid cloud architectures, business teams will shift focus to “process assurance”, i.e assuring validity of transactions across cloud apps vs “fit-for use” QA.

current state of QA

So what is NXTest’s value?

NXTest is agent agnostic platform focused on drastically reducing business effort by 75% in assuring cross-cloud transactions. By being agent agnostic, NXTest takes a best-of-breed approach aligning test agent & application architecture for maximum benefit.

Value proposition

NXTest’s solution construct has 5 key value elements

  1. Drastically reduce business efforts through a feature-rich solution .
  2. Focus on process assurance with ability to string together granular process definitions
  3. Deliver self-service capabilities and an online, anytime execution dashboard.
  4. Provide secure , sharable storage solution for re-using test assets.
  5. Develop NXTest as a virtual appliance for multi-user/multi-scenario scaling.


The high-level solution architecture is captured schematically below:

solution architecture

Rather than build a solution from scratch, we looked for an available product and to re-engineer it to fit the solution value proposition above. With Attest, a product we had experience delivering at an earlier client, we found the initial fit. The team at Entegration ( the company that built Attest), were also experienced and capable solution partners.


We undertook pilots to refine the contours of our value proposition. Here’s is a recording of  a “manage accounts” process validation spanning Salesforce and Oracle EBS with Informatica as the middleware.

We were also able to validate that NXTest could reduce business effort by upto 75% and regression cycle times from 5-7 days to 6-8 hrs

Overall solution roadmap

The figure below schematically represents the proposed evolution of this solution. Stay tuned as we develop this further

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