Governing the new hybrid Enterprise IT

What will be the impact of an emerging cloud led enterprise architecture on governance of enterprise IT ?

I believe this is an interesting area to discover. Current leverage of hybrid cloud is to manage work-loads. But, I believe that this will evolve into managing niche processes with variable work-loads on scale-able platforms ( vs scaling for workload variation) . This is an important nuance .It implies that niche work-loads will be on scale-able infrastructures. for example , order capture process ( volume of orders spike end of quarter) at one extreme and ‘content management process’ at the other.

Such an architecture has implications to how  business processes are managed and existing approaches (both in-house & partner led) have inherent gaps in context, capability & cost.Here is a schematic framework that I put together to think through governance of such an architecture:

cloud IT governance

Your thoughts?


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