Advantage cloud : Can it improve problem management?

Can cloud architectures help improve problem management?

Incident and problem management processes hold mainstay in ITSM discussions due to the direct impact they have to business teams.As business teams move the dial forward in leveraging cloud , a whole segment of incidents are now managed on cloud based solutions. With other IT groups (application & infrastrucuture groups ) maintaining different systems for their own operations ( ex. ServiceNow for infrastructure and HelpZilla for application support) , can their be a single system of record to manage incident management efficiency? Perhaps an over-arching migration could help and provide the CIO an in-house POC on managing business move of non mission critical from private to hybrid cloud architectures.

From an IT ops perspective, an assessment framework for managing problem management maturity is provided below:

Problem Management

Fig: Problem Management Assessment Framework

Attributes P1, P2 will gain significantly from a move to cloud architectures, with a defined ‘issue to resolution’ workflow & information exchange between multiple help desk systems as RESTful API’s/ Webservices . In addition, analytics of the process flow  ( leveraging transaction logs) will help IT leaders determine how best to adjust their operating model(s) to improve service assurance .Attributes T1,T2,T3 and M4,M7 help are measures focused on driving improved service assurance.

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